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Apple Care and Apple service are better than I thought

Apple service is better than I realized. I bought a new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard last December, and I am a heavy user. I don’t use my Apple Pencil a lot, but my iPad is constantly with me on working days and on airplanes and on weekends when I catch up on my reading. And I use the Magic Keyboard a lot. In fact, I’m writing this entry (in Ulysses) on my iPad using my Magic Keyboard while waiting in a car dealership to have my engine battery replaced.

About a month and a half ago I lost one of the key caps. Since it’s a key I don’t use too often (the -/_ key) I didn’t think much about it. Then a couple of weeks ago two more key caps fell off and I noticed that a fourth was loose. Now I need a new keyboard.

So I went to a local Apple Store on Sunday expecting to buy a new Magic Keyboard. When I checked in the agent asked “Do you have Apple Care on the iPad? Did you buy the keyboard at the same time?” “Yes.” “Well, you may be covered by Apple Care. Go to the Genius Bar, and I’ll send a technician your way.” The technician arrived a few minutes later, confirmed my problem, checked on a few things, and reported that he’s ordering a replacement keyboard for me. It should arrive today or tomorrow.

Good service is less common than it should be. I was impressed and pleased. Your mileage may vary, but I’m glad that I bought Apple Care last December.

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