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Yet another (possibly) predatory publisher to add to the list – Asteroid Publishers

Why do I think Asteroid Publishers might be predatory? Because I received this e-mail from them earlier today:

Dear Dr. Kent E. Holsinger,

Greetings for the day

We are aware of your reputation for quality of research and trustworthiness in this field. With a great pleasure we would like to invite you to join the Editorial Board of our “Journal of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery”. We are very glad to have an eminent like you to guide the journal in a well-organized way.

Hoping that you will accept our invitation.If you are interested, kindly send your updated C.V, Biography, Research Interests, Recent Photograph and working details for our records.

We hope you are always being there to support us.

Looking forward to have your long lasting scientific relationship.

Best Regards,

<name removed>

Journal Coordinator

Journal of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

I have a strong background in evolutionary genetics, but the closest I come to knowing anything about plastic surgery is that my father was a family practitioner until he retired and he occasionally performed minor cosmetic surgery. Any journal publisher who thinks I have a reputation “for quality of research and trustworthiness” in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery doesn’t deserve to be trusted and should probably be shunned.

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  1. Arliones

    Confirming your fears: I have just received the same invitation, to the same journal. My field is Telecommunications Engineering.


  2. Adri

    I received the exact same email but for the “Asteroid Journal of Cancer Research”. For once the name of the journal does match my field of expertise (I am in fact a cancer researcher), but I still think Asteroid is clearly a predatory publisher.


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