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This page contains links to software, papers, notes, data sets, and other materials used in a graduate seminar in statistical phylogeography at the University of Connecticut held during Spring Semester 2011.



Meetings Tuesday at 4:00pm (except where noted below in magenta type) in the Bamford Room, TLS 171B

You'll find the papers referred to in the Mendeley bibliography

Date Topic Lead
Jan 18 Snow day
Jan 25 Overview; Introduction to Structure & Structurama

Papers to read: Pritchard et al. (2000), Evanno et al. (2005), Hulsenbeck & Andolfatto (2007)
You may also want to take a look at my notes on Structure from PopGen HTML PDF
A few notes on Structure PDF

Feb 1 Snow day
Feb 8 Structure, Structurama, Clumpp, & distruct

Papers to read: Jakobsson & Rosenberg (2007)
You may also want to look at Santafé et al.(2008). It's heavy going, and I haven't had a chance to study it closely yet, but the approach seems promising.
If you want to read something in addition to Jakobsson & Rosenberg, Kalinowski (2010) is a lot easier, and more likely to be relevant than Santafé et al. (Thanks to Elizabeth for reminding me about it.)
A few notes on label switching PDF

Feb 15 (2:30pm) BayesAss+

Paper to read: Wilson & Rannala (2003), Faubet et al. (2007)
A few notes on BayesAss+ PDF

Feb 22 Geneland

Papers to read: Guillot et al. (2005) and Guillot et al. (2008)
You might also want to take a look at Chen et al. (2007) and François & Durand (2010)
A few notes on Geneland PDF

Mar 1 BIMr

Paper to read: Faubet & Gaggiotti (2008)
A few notes on BIMr PDF

March 8 Spring break
March 15 (2:30pm) Migrate-N (and LAMARC)

Papers to read: Beerli & Felsenstein (2000), Beerli (2004)
A few notes on Migrate PDF

March 22 IMa2

Papers to read: Nielsen & Wakeley (2001), and Hey & Nielsen (2004)
And a technical paper that may interest a few of you Hey & Nielsen (2007)
A few notes on IMa PDF

March 29 ∂a∂i -- diffusion approximation for demographic inference

Papers to read: Ellison et al. (2011), Gutenkunst et al. (2009)
A few notes on ∂a∂i PDF

April 5 Approximate Bayesian Computation: DIYABC, PopABC

Papers to read: Ascunce et al. (2011), Cornuet et al. (2008), Lopes et al. (2009)
A few notes on ABC PDF

April 12 ABC -- the debate

Papers to read (listed in the order of appearance): Nielsen & Beaumont (2009), Templeton (2010a), Beaumont et al. (2010)
For the debate in the specific context of human phylogeography, you may also want to read: Fagundes et al. (2007), Templeton (2010b), Berger et al. (2010), Templeton (2010c)

April 19 (2:30pm) BEAST -- Bayesian skyline plots

Papers to read: Drummond & Rambaut (2007), Kuhner (2009), Ho & Shapiro (2011)
A few notes on Skyline plots PDF

Batta Lona
April 26 PhyloMapper

Paper to read: Lemmon & Lemmon (2008)

May 3 Estimating species trees from gene trees: STEM, SpedeSTEM, BEST, and StarBEAST

Papers to read: Kubatko et al. (2009), Carstens & Dewey (2010), Edwards et al. (2007), Liu (2008), Heled & Drummond (2010)
You might also want to take a look at Liu & Yu (2011), which is scheduled to appear in May



For allelic data (microsatellites, SNPs, AFLPs)

For haplotype (i.e., sequence) data

For both types of data

Getting your data into the computer

These programs are for allelic data, e.g., microsatellites or AFLPs.


Bibliography on Mendeley.

Note: The bibliography is publicly accessible, but only those whom I invite will be able to add to it. Click the "Ask to join group" button if you're interested.

Free desktop (Windoze, Mac OS X, and Linux) and iPad clients for Mendeley are available. They sync with bibliographies on the web. You may find it useful to get one of these clients, since the web bibliography doesn't sort references by author (or at least I haven't figured out how to get it to sort them by author yet).

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