This page provides a consolidated list of readings for the course. It includes references to all all of the papers I've referred to across the years, not just the ones we'll see in this year's version of the course. If you're trying to find a particular reference and don't remember which lecture it was associated with, you should be able to find it here -- but you may have to dig a little.

Whenever possible I provide a link to an on-line version of published journal articles. Most of them require a subscription, but the ones I link to are ones to which the University of Connecticut subscribes. So if you're planning to follow these links from within the UConn.Edu domain, you shouldn't have any problem. Those of you accessing these pages from elsewhere may or may not be able to follow the links. UConn students can use the University's VPN (, which will allow you to access most of the on-line resources linked to here (maybe all of them, it depends on the licensing arrangements).


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