Preliminary version of notes page posted

The process of reconstruction continues. A preliminary version of the Notes page is now available. It includes links to (most of) the notes for the course. Some of the links may be broken. If they are, please let me know. There are also some lectures for which I have notes that don’t have links yet, and some of these are very old lectures that are no longer part of the course. I should have this all sorted out by early next week, and with a little luck, I will also have the Lecture schedule all set.

I’ve also included a link to a single PDF that combines almost everything. Keep in mind that these notes will be revised over the course of the semester, but if you want to download a single PDF file, follow the link at the very top of the page – and keep in mind that it may have some obsolete material and that it is missing some relevant new material.

Happy New Year!

Resources page for EEB 5348 now updated

I just finished updating the Resources page for EEB 5348. It includes links to the software we’ll be using during the course. To the extent possible, we’ll do everything in R, JAGS, and Structure, all of which are available for any computer you’re likely to be using (Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows), but we may have to use something else when we get to GWAS.

If you have time and the inclination before classes start, please download and install R and spend some time playing around with it. Unless you are really ambitious, though, I wouldn’t bother with JAGS or Structure yet. Both of them are fairly arcane (but extremely powerful), and I hope you’ll find it easier to use and understand them if we work through them together.

Overview of EEB 5348 now posted

I’ve posted a description of the course on the Overview page. In addition to providing a general description of the course, including the relationship between the lecture and lab parts of the course. I expect to update the Resources page tomorrow and the Notes page on Friday. The Lecture schedule page will take more work because I hope to use a combination of PHP/MySQL to generate the schedule and the individual lecture detail pages. (I used this approach on the website that blew up last summer, but I’m now using WordPress instead of Movable Type. It may take me a while to figure out how to pull this off.)

Welcome to EEB 5348

This is the web site for EEB 5348, Population Genetics, at the University of Connecticut. I suffered a server meltdown last summer, and I am just beginning the process of reconstruction. I hope to have the site rebuilt and my notes reposted in early 2017, and by early 2017 I mean the 2nd or the 3rd of January. The first lecture in the course is at 8:00am on Tuesday, 17 January, and I want to have the site fully functional at least a week before that.