Lab schedule

31 AugustIntroduction to R
7 SeptemberF-statistics with hierfstat and Hickory
14 SeptemberIndividual assignment with LEABe sure to check the links to papers on the lecture schedule for Tuesday and Thursday. You may also find this paper on not overinterpreting STRUCTURE results useful. A tutorial on how not to over-interpret STRUCTURE and ADMIXTURE barplots
21 September
Project #1
28 SeptebmerExploring the properties of genetic drift
5 OctoberDrift with migration and mutation
12 OctoberExploring the coalescent
19 October
Project # 2
26 OctoberComparing simulated and "observed" coalescent times
2 NovemberTajima's D
9 November
Project #3
16 NovemberResemblance among relatives and partitioning phenotypic variance
23 November
Thanksgiving break
No Lab!
30 NovemberGWAS in gypsy moths
7 DecemberGenomic prediction