Final set of lecture notes posted

If for some strange reason you logged onto the website after about 5:45pm last Wednesday, you will have noticed that I posted the last two sets of lecture notes – on genome-wide association mapping and on genomic prediction. I didn’t say this in the notes, but what I’m presenting is a very high level overview. People who know GWAS and genomic prediction could easily teach an entire course on them. We’ll just cover enough in this course so that you have a sense of how to read and interpret papers that use GWAS or genomic prediction and a sense of the things you have to be careful about in interpreting and applying the results.

Notes on population genomics and on an introduction to quantitative genetics uploaded

The final set of notes on molecular population genetics has been uploaded. You’ll find a link on the lecture detail page for Tuesday, Population genomics. You’ll also find a link to the first set of notes on quantitative genetics on the lecture detail page for Thursday. As noted there, understanding some key ideas in quantitative genetics involves a lot of math. I’ll do my best to continually remind you where we’re going and why what we’re doing matters, but please remember to ask me “WGAD? – Who gives a damn?” whenever you’re feeling lost. If you’re too confused even to ask a question to clarify, just ask “WGAD?” and I’ll do my best to back up and explain things another way. If I can demonstrate why you should GAD, the light bulb that shows how things connect might suddenly go off.