Notes on AMOVA, Migrate, IMa, ABC, admixture graphs, and sparg updated

I will be out of town on Halloween. (My mother is celebrating her 92nd birthday, and I’ll be in Idaho visiting her.) As a result, I’m getting notes posted well ahead of time. You’ll find notes for lectures on 24, 26, and 31 October as well as 2 November on the corresponding lecture detail page.

I’ll mention this again next week, and I will probably send an email about it to everyone too, but as a heads up, although I will not be with you in person on Halloween, I will record a lecture for 31 October. Nick and I will be going over the technology before I leave, and if all goes well, he’ll be able to broadcast in McHugh 206 on the 31st at 8:00am. I encourage all of you to be there. I anticipate that the recording will be 45 minutes long or less. That will give you half an hour or so to ask Nick questions about the lecture. If he doesn’t know the answer, he can at least write them down so that I can address them when I’m back on the 2nd of November.

UPDATE: I finished recording the lecture, and I’ll add the link to the lecture detail page for 31 October in a few minutes. The recording is just over 38 minutes long.

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