Project #2 now available

I’m posting Project #2 a bit earlier than usual because it’s a bit different from any of the projects you’ve seen before. Instead of having you analyze data or interpret simulations, I’m asking you to read a paper and respond to questions about it using what you’ve learned about population genetics so far, and especially what you’ve learned about drift and selection.

That means that the lab meeting on Tuesday will be a bit different from usual too. Rather than figuring out how to download R packages and run R code, I suggest that you use the time to discuss the paper and to think about how you will answer the questions. That also means that you’ll need to read the paper before you get to lab on Tuesday morning. That’s why I’m posting this now. I want to make sure you have time to read the paper before Tuesday morning. (I am not trying to destroy your weekend. You’ll have plenty of time to read the paper on Monday. I just wanted you to be prepared to set aside some time on Monday to read it. If you want to read the paper over the weekend, that’s fine, but it isn’t at all necessary for you to do so.)

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