Video recordings of lectures

I’ve established a Kaltura channel that will include recordings of all lectures. I have to edit them slightly after the lecture, and it takes a while for them to post, so don’t expect to see lectures in the channel until the afternoon of the lecture or even the next day. I’ll post a note here to let you know when the lecture is available, but if you subscribe to the channel, I think you’ll get a notice whenever something new is added.

That’s the good news (if you want to refer to lectures outside of class).

The bad news is that it turns out that although McHugh 206 allows Kaltura recording, it doesn’t allow Kaltura live streaming. If you can’t be in person for a lecture, you’ll have to wait for the recording. (Of course, that also means that you don’t have to get up by 8:00am to see the live stream.) I had hoped that we’d have both live streaming and recording, but I guess recording only will have to do. Sorry about that.

By the way if you lose the link to the Kaltura channel that’s in this message, you’ll see that on the Overview page I now have a link to the channel instead of a link to the live stream (which didn’t work).

One last thing, I don’t know why but the video of today’s lecture didn’t capture my screen. You’ll see a green screen instead, but you will hear my voice. That combined with the lecture notes should give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on.