Estimating heritability from half-sibs

Lab 12 has now been posted to the course website. As usual, you’ll find a link below and from the Lab Schedule page. I spent nearly my whole weekend working out a few details that I realized I didn’t quite understand to make sure that this exercise makes sense. Unfortunately, that means that I still haven’t done any grading. I almost certainly won’t have time this week, so you can guess what I’ll be doing over Thanksgiving break. I apologize for falling so far behind in grading. The good news is that I’ve taken a quick look at a few of the exercises that have been turned in, and if that sample is representative, everyone has a good handle on everything we’re doing.

See you on Tuesday.

As a reminder, the lab exercise that is due on Friday, 11 December is the last exercise for the course and there will not be a final course evaluation. Once you’ve turned in the exercise for Lab 14, you’ve completed everything I expect. I hope when you turn it in you’ll be able to say as one of my former students did, “This was a good thing to have done.”

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