Lab exercise #3 posted

I just posted the notes and data for Lab #3. You’ll find them in the Lab Schedule as usual. As I’ll explain in lecture, we’re going to use LEA instead of STRUCTURE for this exercise. STRUCTURE has some significant advantages over LEA, but LEA runs much faster. More importantly, I haven’t been able to get STRUCTURE to run on my MacBook since I upgraded it to Big Sur. If you have a Mac and you’d like to try getting STRUCTURE to run, I’d be delighted if you figured out how. But even if you do figure it out, I recommend that you use LEA for this project. Analyzing the data with STRUCTURE would take a very long time.

Next week Project #1 will build on the analysis you do this week with LEA to compare it with a different method (DAPC) and to address some of the questions that the authors of the paper from which these data were extracted.

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