Last set of notes for EEB 5348 this fall @UConn

I posted the last set of notes for EEB 5348 over the weekend. Next weekend I’ll flesh out the schedule of project and lab assignments, but don’t expect to see those posted until the semester begins. My plan is to post assignments on Mondays. There will be weekly lab assignments that are relatively small that give you practice dealing with data for the longer projects. I won’t make lab assignments in the week when a project is assigned.

In addition to the lecture notes you’ll find on individual lecture detail pages, I’ve compiled all of them into a single PDF that you can download once. The PDF is structured in such a way that if you were to print it double-sided, you could have it bound into a reference volume. Here’s the link:

  • Evolution of quantitative traits (HTML) (PDF)
  • Principles and applications of association mapping (HTML) (PDF)
  • Genomic prediction (HTML)(PDF)

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