Notes on inbreeding, population structure, and F-statistics updated

I uploaded notes on inbreeding, population structure (focusing on the Wahlund effect), and F-statistics this weekend. This set of notes includes a discussion of (and some of the math for) Nei’s G-statistics and Weir and Cockerham’s $\theta$ statistics. The next set of notes will outline a Bayesian approach to estimating F-statistics that is conceptually similar to Weir and Cockerham’s approach. It will also include an appendix describing how to load the package we’ll use into R, since it isn’t (yet) available on CRAN.

  • Inbreeding and self-fertilization (HTML) (PDF)
  • Analyzing the genetic structure of populations (HTML) (PDF)

EEB 5348-Population Genetics: Getting started for Fall 2021

I will be teaching population genetics again this fall, and I’ve started updating my lecture notes for next semester. I’ve just updated notes on genetic transmission in populations and on the Hardy-Weinberg principle. Both are available either in HTML or PDF. I’ll post additional notices as I continue revisions. I also expect to post links to resources we’ll use in the associated lab, primarily R notebooks and data sets that we’ll use to explore some of the ideas that we cover in lecture.

  • Genetic transmission in populations (HTML) (PDF)
  • The Hardy Weinberg principle (HTML) (PDF)

If you’re wondering why I put the course title in a post on a site that already has that title prominently displayed, it’s because these posts get echoed to my Twitter feed. Since it’s been a long time since anything about this course has been posted on Twitter (more than two years), I wanted to give anyone who follows me a heads up that I’ll be posting notices about it again. The ones that people who aren’t at UConn might care about will be the ones where I announce revisions to the notes that I make over the summer, as I did in the first paragraph of this post.

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