Starting to get ready for EEB 5348, Population Genetics, in Fall 2021 @UConn

I know it’s only May, but since I spend most of my time serving as Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of The Graduate School at the University of Connecticut, I have to start getting ready for the Fall semester far earlier than I would if I were a faculty member. There’s also a good chance that I will not have help from a teaching assistant this fall, which means that the labs will run a bit differently from what they have in the past. If you’re reading this now and you want to begin getting ready, I plan to post an overview of RStudio and R notebooks by the end of June. Check back then if you don’t know what those are and if you’d like to get an early start.

I have done little so far, but if you look at the Lecture Schedule page, you’ll find a tentative lecture schedule. It’s only a little different from what I’ve done in earlier years, and I anticipate that we’ll follow this schedule pretty closely. I may modify it a bit between now and August as I start revising notes, but I don’t anticipate changes once the semester begins.

Speaking of revising notes: I’ll post notices here as I update notes. Expect to see the first set of updates in a couple of weeks.