Survey results for EEB 5348 (Population Genetics) in Spring 2021

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be teaching this course as an asynchronous, online offering. I solicited feedback on technology options, both through that posting and through an email to the listserv for graduate students in EEB at UConn. You’ll find a link to the survey results below. Here are the technology choices as a result of those responses, with a brief explanation of each.

  1. I’ll build a HuskyCT website in addition to the dedicated course website here. There is overwhelming interest in having material available there as well as here. Anyone who’s following along from outside of UConn won’t see what’s in HuskyCT, but all of the notes, exercises, and project assignments will be posted here as well as in HuskyCT. I’ll follow up with another survey next week to see what other things you’d like to see in HuskyCT.
  2. We’ll use Zoom for videoconferencing. Little explanation needed here. UConn ITS doesn’t support Zoom, but it is strongly preferred, so we’ll use Zoom and take our chances.
  3. We’ll use Doodle to schedule occasional synchronous meetings. Students from some Universitas 21 partner universities will participate in the course (without receiving UConn credit – Yes. The Provost did approve this.), so finding a time when everyone can meet may be a bit of a challenge, but we’ll do the best we can.
  4. We’ll use Slack for asynchronous chat. There wasn’t a clear preference here. Slack was slightly preferred to Microsoft Teams, and both were preferred to discussions in HuskyCT. I chose slack because (a) it was marginally more preferred than Teams and (b) it is more likely to be available to non-UConn U21 participants.

If you have strong feelings that I’ve made the wrong choice on any of these points, please leave a comment here.

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