Notes on resemblance among relatives, evolution of quantitative traits, and association mapping

I just added three more sets of notes to the website:

  1. Resemblance among relatives – The mathematical underpinnings of how we use resemblance among relatives to estimate components of the genetic variance when we don’t know the underlying genes.
  2. Evolution of quantitative traits – The mathematics of how selection on phenotypes results in changes in allele frequency from one generation to the next that then result in a new set of phenotypes in the following generation. That’s R = h^2 S. There’s also a derivation of Fisher’s Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection at one locus with two alleles.
  3. Association mapping – A very cursory introduction to the principles of association mapping, including some notes on 2-locus population genetics.

I expect to get the notes on genomic prediction written next weekend. Once I do, I’ll also be posting an updated one-volume version of the notes.

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