First set of new notes published – genetic transmission in populations, estimating allele frequencies, and the Hardy-Weinberg principle

I mentioned more than a month ago that I’m starting preparations for Population Genetics early this year. It’s taken me this long to post the first updates to notes for the 2019 edition of the course. You’ll find them on the lecture detail pages for 22 January and 24 January. The lecture detail page for 24 January also includes links to a couple of R scripts and accompanying JAGS files that illustrate Bayesian inference both in a simple case where it’s barely needed (estimating the allele frequency at one locus with two alleles) and in a case that’s more useful (estimating allele frequencies in the ABO blood group).

The notes are also available from individual links on the Notes page. As I mention there, the consolidated PDF containing all of the notes is from the 2017 edition of the course. I’ll update that PDF once I’ve updated all of the individual items.

You’ll also see on that page that I’ve linked to Graham Coop’s notes for his course at UC Davis. I encourage you to take a look at his notes, too. You are likely to find that he explains many things better than I do.