Notes on association mapping

I’ve posted the notes for association mapping. As usual, you’ll find them on the lecture detail page for Tuesday’s lecture. I will soon have a discussion guide for Thursday’s lecture posted. The papers that are the focus of the discussion are already linked from the lecture detail page for Thursday’s lecture. Nora will lead the discussion on Thursday since I will be in Washington, DC for the spring Board of Directors meeting of BioOne. (I have been Chair of the Board of Directors since 2000.)

Important note: I will mention this again in the discussion guide, on the lecture detail page for Thursday, and in lecture on Tuesday, and I think Nora has mentioned it already, but just to make sure everyone is forewarned, 5 points of your grade on Project #6 will be based on participation in the discussion on Thursday. Please come prepared to discuss the questions that will appear on the discussion guide.

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