Notes on AMOVA, Migrate-N, and IMa posted. Project #5 posted too.

I returned from my trip to Dublin1 Friday evening. Over the past day and a half, I’ve revised notes for this week’s lectures and put together Project #5. We’ll start on Tuesday by answering any questions left over from Nora’s lectures last week on detecting selection on molecular sequences and on evolution in multigene families. You’ll want to be sure that you understand Tajima’s D, and it will be obvious why I say that when you see Project #5.

Once we’ve finished dealing with questions, we’ll move onto discussing how to use molecular data, and especially nucleotide sequence data, to provide insights into the history and demography of populations. The first approach we’ll examine extends Wright’s F-statistics to nucleotide sequence data. If we have time, I’ll introduce some very sophisticated approaches to phylogeography, and we’ll discuss them in detail on Thursday.

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