Snow day update

I presume you’ve all heard by now that the University will be closed tomorrow (Thursday, 9 February). The notes for lecture have been posted on the lecture detail page since last weekend. Tomorrow morning (probably by 9:00am, possibly earlier, and certainly by noon) I’ll be posting some short exercises you can do to test your understanding of what’s covered in the lecture notes. I’ll post my answers to the exercises on Sunday. The exercise won’t be graded, and you may find the questions a little simple, but I encourage you to think about them and to try your hand at the calculations. It’s a good way to make sure you understand the concepts.

We’ll start the lecture on Tuesday by discussing any questions you have about the exercise. So if there’s anything confusing or if there’s simply something you’d like to hear explained out loud, come prepared to ask a question. If you don’t ask a question, I’ll barrel on and assume that you have it all mastered, which you may regret in the future.

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