Notes on estimating F statistics

I’ve posted notes on estimating F-statistics. The notes for Tuesday’s lecture are identical to the ones for last Thursday’s lecture. The lecture detail page on both of those days links to the same PDF.

On Tuesday we’ll go over Weir & Cockerham’s approach to estimating F-statistics, and I’ll introduce to a form of stochastic variation that you probably haven’t thought about before. I think you’ll be surprised when you discover how important it can be.

On Thursday (possibly late on Tuesday if we move through Tuesday’s material quickly), we’ll discuss a Bayesian approach to estimating <em>F</em>-statistics. I’ll give you the JAGS code you need, so long as you’re dealing with only two alleles per locus. You can find the code on Thursday’s lecture detail page.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday morning.

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