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A committee appointed by the Texas Board of Education is reviewing state science standards. Three of the six members of the committee are creationists.

Center for Inquiry and The Clergy Letter Project are secular and religious communities who have come together to protect our children's future in science. We call on you to help defend science education.
Center for Inquiry and The Clergy Letter Project co-sponsor Teach Them Science, a web site providing information about evolution, science, and science education. Center for Inquiry is a secular organization.1 The Clergy Letter Project includes scientists and clergy who recognize that science and religious believe can be compatible.2

Such a collaboration is a welcome development; as Frederick Crews noted in his book Follies of the Wise, "... the anticreationist cause in the US would be doomed without the help of Christians who are favorably inclined toward the teaching of evolution." It is thus a blessing that the Center for Inquiry and The Clergy Project have put aside their differences, which may at times be considerable, and agreed to collaborate on this important Web site. (Matt Young)

1As Matt Young notes, some might call it atheistic.
2Matt refers to members of The Clergy Letter Project as moderate theists. That's a reasonable description of the clergy involved, and it's probably a reasonable description of some of the scientists involved. But not all of the scientists are theists. Some of us are agnostics (there may even be some atheists) who are willing to act as technical consultants on the science of evolution.

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I've written before about creationism in Texas and why it's important that the new science standards teach them (students) science. I've also pointed out thatThe overwhelming body of scientific evidence depends on and supports evolutionary theory, incl... Read More

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