Diversity Fueling Excellence in Research and Innovation

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It is vital that STEM fields benefit from the full range of human diversity and talents. The conference announcement below (from a recent e-mail) describes an important event that will contribute to reaching this goal. I will not be able to attend, but I hope that a few people reading this will be there.


Good day:

The National Science Foundation is contacting you in regards to the upcoming Gender Summit 3 - North America, which will take place in Washington, DC on November 13-15, 2013.  We think the summit would be of particular interest to you and your colleagues.  This is the first year the summit will be held in the U.S., and it provides an opportunity for students, researchers, policy makers, science and innovation leaders, and other stakeholders in STEM, to address gender issues in research, leadership and innovation.

The theme for this year's summit is Diversity Fueling Excellence in Research and Innovation.  The aim of the event is a Call to Action for relevant stakeholders to make positive change resulting in greater diversity in the science workforce and leadership, and for the greater inclusion of sex and gender considerations (the "gender dimension") in research content and process.  The objectives of the summit are to develop solutions on how to incorporate sex and gender considerations in research methods, institutional structures, and funding structures; to foster a community of experts - across government, industry, the academy and public citizenry - to address scientific and societal grand challenges; and to maximize national and international networking for research and human capital development.   


Register for the summit at http://gender-summit.com/index.php/register to participate in these important conversations and network with researchers, policy makers, and STEM stakeholders.  Visit www.gender-summit.com for additional details or email questions to gendersummit@nsf.gov.


Best, the National Science Foundation.