Off to Africa - #dimensionsZA

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I leave from Bradley International for Capetown a little after 4:00pm this afternoon. My student, Nora, will be traveling with me, and we will meet Jane, my former post-doc,1 in Heathrow some time on Monday.2

We'll spend a few days in Capetown checking on things in the garden, meeting with collaborators, and taking care of a few last-minute logistics. On Friday, we'll exchange our rental car for a 4x4 and head off for El Yolo One, not too far from Klaarstroom. We'll be there until the following Friday, when we'll move to Acacia Cottage in Prince Albert. We'll return to Capetown on the following Wednesday, and I'll leave for Connecticut the following day. Nora and Jane will stay for another week to do some work in the garden.3

My Internet access will be limited (or non-existent), except while I'm in Capetown. I may make a post or two after we arrive and one when we get back to Capetown, but don't be surprised if you don't hear anything from me for the intervening two weeks. If for some reason you just can't live without updates,4 you can follow me on Twitter (@keholsinger) or search on the #dimensionsZA hashtag. I may be able to check in using my iPhone a bit more often.5

1Now faculty member at Nicholls State University.
2The time is uncertain, because Nora and I have a long enough layover in London that we may head over to Kew Gardens while we're there.
3I really don't mean to abandon them, but (a) I have some deanly responsibilities I had to get back for and (b) they don't really need me.
4You should probably seek therapy.
5I'm reasonably sure that I'll check in a few times while we're in Prince Albert. I don't know if I'll have any cell phone coverage while we're at El Yolo.