Very cool!


You'll recognize the image to the right immediately. That's a Google map.1 You're not likely to recognize the image to the left. That's a dotmap derived from the 2010 census, with one dot for every person reported by the U.S. Census Bureau at the point where they were recorded.

If you visit and zoom out all of the way, you'll see one point for each of the 308,450,225 people included in the map.2 Click on any of the images here for a full-size version.

Hat tip: Peter Aldhous (‏@paldhous)


1Some of you will recognize that the map shows a part of eastern Connecticut that includes our house. Don't worry abut my battery. I'm plugged in now.
2There are almost 300,000 fewer points on the map than reported in the census. The person who put the map together doesn't know why.