Approaching the climate cliff

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissi...

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by country for the year 2000 including land-use change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the weekend edition of the Hartford Courant, two of my colleages (Mark Urban and Bob Capers) urged President Obama to take the lead on climate change.

The largest challenge our country faces is the climate cliff. If we do nothing to address climate change in the next four years, the solutions become more limited, more expensive and more damaging to our country.


This is a bigger challenge than the race to put a human on the moon. It's bigger than the war on poverty or the war on terrorism. It is far more important than the fiscal cliff. The consequences of failure are far more serious, multinational and multigenerational. We have delayed too long. Now it is time to act. But we need the president's leadership. It is time for our newly re-elected president to take charge and to lead us away from the looming climate cliff. (source)
The meetings in Doha finish this Friday. Let's make reducing our output of greenhouse gas emissions a resolution not only for the new year, but for the rest of our lives.