Time for universities to reclaim publishing rights

bioOne_splash_logo.gifOver a month ago, Stephen Curry (@Stephen_Curry) pointed to an article by Debby Shorley, director of library services at Imperial College London, on the role that universities should play in open-access publishing. The article is short, and the whole thing is worth reading. Here's the nugget of her argument:

This is the opportunity for our top universities to create a better gold solution. Publishing skills are publishing skills. What stops us from bringing them in-house, and using the prestige of our universities as brands?


The time has come for us to retake control of the research our universities are so justly proud of. To do anything else is to forget what universities are for. (source)

I am proud to point out that Elementa has taken just such an approach. BioOne will publish Elementa, and the Dartmouth College Library will provide production services.1

1In case you've forgotten, I chair the Board of Directors for BioOne.