Evolutionary or ecological responses to global change

My department has just announced a search for an assistant professor focusing on evolutionary or ecological responses to global change.

Life on Earth is being subjected simultaneously to three
of the largest unplanned, uncontrolled experiments in human history:
rapid global climate change, massive habitat transformation, and a
homogenization of the planet's biota through the spread of invasive
species. We seek a researcher who integrates ecology and evolution to
understand responses of biodiversity to global change at organismal,
population, community, ecosystem or biogeographical scales. Applicants
are expected to have a strong statistical or theoretical background. He
or she will be expected to: 1) supervise an independent research program
that will attract extramural funding; 2) teach at the undergraduate and
graduate levels, including courses such as biostatistics, ecology or
evolution, and a course in the applicant's specialty; 3) provide research
training for graduate and undergraduate students; 4) offer professional
service to the Department and University; and 5) perform public outreach.
This position builds on existing Departmental strengths in ecology,
evolutionary biology, conservation biology, systematics, and organismal
biology. More information about the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology can be found at http://hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu/eebwww/.
You can read the full ad on Evoldir. The Department of Molecular & Cell Biology is also searching for two faculty members specializing in eukaryotic genomics, one at the assistant professor level and one at any rank.