Howard Hughes Medical Institute and documentary films

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If you've heard of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), you're probably aware that they fund the research of some of the most prominent molecular biologists in the country. You may also be aware that they fund a lot of very innovative work in science education. Now they're getting into something new. Last Friday HHMI announced a $60 milliion initiative aimed at bringing high quality, exciting documentary features on science to TV.

"Film is the most powerful medium for bringing ideas, knowledge, and stories to life and communicating them to any audience," says Carroll, who was speaking at the ["Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education"] sponsored by the Science & Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences. "HHMI can harness that power by producing high-quality, compelling documentary films on scientific topics." (source)
I look forward to seeing the documentaries HHMI sponsors through this initiative, and I hope they reach a very broad audience.