Creation -- the movie

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Creation opens in theaters today. It stars Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as Emma, and it was directed by Jon Amiel and produced by Jeremy Thomas. It is based on the book, Darwin, his daughter, and human evolution, by Randal Keynes.

Keynes is Darwin's great-great-grandson, and you can hear an interview with him on NPR's Fresh Air (from WHYY in Philadelphia) that aired yesterday. Just click that link to Fresh Air. I haven't seen the movie. Unfortunately, some of the early reviews aren't all that good. Here's the first paragraph of a compilation at moviefone:

It's survival of the fittest at the box office and unfortunately for the new Charles Darwin bio 'Creation,' the consensus is director Jon Amiel ('Copycat,' 'Entrapment') has not created a great work.