The next generation of innovators

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From the White House blog (posted at 12:10pm):

President Obama today helped launch a new campaign, "Educate to Innovate," designed  to energize and excite America's students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  It builds on the President's pledge that he would use his position to help encourage students to study and consider careers in science, engineering, technology, and innovation--fields upon which America's future depends--and elevate those students from the middle to the top of the pack worldwide.

From the Educate to Innovate web page come a few more details:

America is already stepping forward to meet these challenges. As part of the "Educate to Innovate" effort, five major public-private partnerships are harnessing the power of media, interactive games, hands-on learning, and community volunteers to reach millions of students over the next four years, inspiring them to be the next generation of inventors and innovators.

  • Time-Warner Cable, Discovery Communications, Sesame Street, and other partners will get the message to kids and students about the wonder of invention and discovery.
  • National Lab Day will help build communities of support around teachers across the country, culminating in a day of civic participation.
  • National STEM design competitions will develop game options to engage kids in scientific inquiry and challenging designs.
  • Five leading business and thought leaders (Sally Ride, Craig Barrett, Ursula Burns, Glen Britt, and Antonio Perez) will head an effort to increase private and philanthropic involvement in support of STEM teaching and learning.