Wahlund Effect and F-statistics

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Interpreting the results

Genotype frequencies within each population are calculated according to the standard formulas:

freq(AA)=p2(1-f) + pf
freq(Aa)=(1-p)2(1-f) + (1-p)f

The expected genotype frequency across populations is given by

freq(AA)= P2(1-f) + Pf
freq(Aa)= 2P(1-P)
freq(aa)= (1-P)2(1-f) + (1-P)f


P=sum(pi)/n .

Observed genotype frequencies across the sample of populations are calculated from the average genotype frequency across populations.

Fis = f (from the listbox above)
Fst = Var(p)/P(1-P)
1-Fit = (1-Fis)(1-Fst)


Var(p) = sum(pi - P)2/n .

Remember that Fit is also equal to

1 - (obs. heterozygosity)/(2P(1-P))

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