Population Biology Simulations

Collected here are a few simple simulations (written in Java) I use (or plan to use) when teaching principles of population genetics and population ecology in various courses. If you have suggestions for improving them or ideas for other simulations that might be useful, please contact me at kent@darwin.eeb.uconn.edu. I can't promise that I'll have the time to adopt any suggestions you make, but I promise that I'll consider them.

Important note: Recent updates to Java mean that the applets only work if you disable Java security until I have time to get them digitally signed. See the Java Security page for more information.

Population Genetics

Population Ecology

Important note: The simulations may not display properly in all browsers. They should be fine in recent versions of Netscape (v4.5 or greater) and Sun's HotJava, but you may encounter difficulties with earlier versions of these or other browsers. My copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (v4.0) works fine, but that may be because I have the Java Development Kit installed on the machine where it resides. Some of the simulations have alternate versions that should work in any browser that supports Java. If you can't display the simulation when loaded, scroll to the bottom of the page and see if there's a link to an alternate version.

Note on IE v4.0The Java Virtual Machine in Microsoft's Internet Explorer seems not to understand font selection directives as well as the one in Netscape (or at least my version of Internet Explorer doesn't understand them as well). As a result, tabular displays that line up correctly with a fixed pitch font in Netscape are only approximately lined up with Internet Explorer (yet another reason to prefer Netscape to Explorer). Internet Explorer v5.0 seems to have fixed this problem.

Kent Holsinger

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