If you'd like to print a copy of any of these notes, I suggest printing the PDF version, which you can download by clicking on the PDF icon. The "Lecture notes in population genetics" link is to a PDF compilation of all of these notes, including a table of contents and an index. It's set up so that you can print it double-sided and have it bound if you'd like something similar to a textbook for the course. But if you do that, you may want to wait until the end of the semester, because it's contents will be revised as I revise and update the notes listed below.

You should also be aware that my automated HTML conversion from LaTeX sometimes doesn't work quite right. Figures may be missing, and symbols may end up in the wrong place. If something doesn't look right, take a look at the PDF to see if it's simply a problem with the HTML rendering. If it still doesn't look right, it's entirely possible that there's an error. If you find one, please let me know.

You will also find links to the notes associated with a particular lecture on the detail page associated with that lecture.

Lecture notes in population genetics PDF

Links to WinBUGS problems and notes

Many of the problem assignments in the course use WinBugs. A few of the lectures deal specifically with the use of WinBugs to solve problems in population genetics. To make it easy to find both sets of notes, I've listed them here.

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