Getting to Whetten

Lectures for EEB 5310 will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00am-9:15am, in Whetten 200.1 If you're new to campus or haven't been over to the part of campus where Whetten is located, you'll discover when you try to get there that it's not easy. There is construction in the quad between Whetten, the School of Business, and the Information Technologies Engineering Building.

To get into Whetten you'll need either to walk along Hillside Road past the School of Business and turn east across from the CoOp or to walk along the east side of the library, come up the steps of the Dodd Center, and walk between the Dodd Center and the library to the west end of Whetten. Regardless of which way you get to Whetter, you'll need to enter at the west end of the building (the one closest to the CoOp) and come upstairs to the second floor. Whetten 200 is the lecture room that will be right in front of you as you come out of the stairway doors.

Warning: There are no public restroom facilities on the second floor, so you'll either need to plan ahead, or use the facilities on the east end of the 1st or 3rd floor.

The map above shows a couple of possible routes from the biology end of campus. Click on the image to get a full-size version that will be easier to read.2

1As some of you already know and as others will soon discover, I'm a morning person. By 8:00am, I will have already been on campus for an hour and a half or more. I know a lot of the rest of you aren't morning people, but given my other duties, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00am are the only time I can offer the course. Feel free to bring a big mug of coffee with you to lecture.
2You may need to download the PNG and view it in an image viewer even then. It will be a bit pixellated, but it should be good enough to help you find your way. And once you've found your way to Whetten once, you'll be all set.

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