Assisted migration

New Scientist has a short article relevant to today's discussion of assisted migration:

Britain should welcome climate refugee species

Here's a brief excerpt:

As the climate warms, species all over the world are relocating to higher latitudes at an average rate of 17 kilometres per decade.

However, some species are unable to relocate - those restricted to the summits of single mountain ranges, for example. Many are projected to become extinct.

What are the options for such species? One possibility is "assisted colonisation", which means deliberately introducing them into areas where the climate is more suitable. Assisted colonisation divides opinion among conservationists. I would argue it is now the only realistic way to maintain wild populations of some species.

If you have a chance read the whole article before class this morning. It's short.

I also added a link to the TREE article from which this piece is derived to the readings for today, or you can simply click here.

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